Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Leading Internal Audit functions are embracing data mining technology and data visualization tools to move beyond the traditional internal audit activities to more sophisticated risk analysis and monitoring. Everyone wants to be there, but getting there can be a challenge.

What do you need? Training? Development? Someone to build and manage your program? We offer a full range of data analytics options, from teaching and training programs to managing development projects to creating and managing your data analytics program for you. Verracy has some of the most highly respected and accomplished audit data analytics professionals in the industry, including certified trainers from ACL and Arbutus. Our experience and our working relationships with the data analytics vendors helps ensure our ability to provide you and your organization with the data analytics program that both satisfies regulatory and compliance needs and also enables each audit team to provide valuable insights while reducing effort.

The concept of continuous assurance has been around for about 20 years, but it is still perceived as difficult and complex to implement. Continuous audit does not need to be a time-consuming and costly undertaking. Let us show you how to start small and build upon success.

We can help. Would you like to:

  • Find the tools that best fit your organization?
  • Develop a continuous assurance solution that is designed to suit your specific enterprise needs?
  • Test 100% of transactions?
  • Implement a continuous auditing and monitoring program for critical controls?
  • Automate tests of internal controls that other departments can rely upon?
  • Gain increased insight into your transactional data?
  • Help you get passed the T&E/Payroll/AP slump?

Verracy’s professionals are regular speakers at the major conferences for ISACA, The IIA, and the ACFE on analytics; we’ve assisted organizations in global data analytics implementations, and we have practical experience to help you develop a successful program.