Strong communication skills – report writing, presenting, interviewing, and active listening – can evoke action and be the difference between an audit team that simply performs the work and a team that delivers real value and is seen by the business as a true business partner.

CM-101  Getting the Message Across

CM-102  Interviewing Skills for Internal Auditors

CM-103  Building Credibility in Audit Through Effective Communication

CM-104  Technical Writing Skills for Internal Auditors

CM-105  Emotional Intelligence and Improving Communication Skills

Data Analytics

From choosing a tool and implementing a new data analytics program to using advanced data science techniques. We have classes for all levels, whether just learning, or wanting to advance an existing program.

DA-101  Using Data Analytics to Improve Internal Audit

DA-102  Fundamentals of Data Analytics-Hands On

DA-103  Leveraging Data Analytics to Fight Fraud

DA-104  Developing Effective Continuous Audits-Hands On

DA-105  Automating Data Analytics Scripts and Queries-Hands On

DA-106  Creative Visualization with Data Analytics-Hands On

Fraud and Ethics

Our fraud courses can teach actively auditing, investigating, preventing and assessing fraud. Real world war stores will intrigue, make you laugh, make you cry and provide you with the knowledge to apply in your job the next day.

FR-101  Catching the Bad Guys - Embedding Fraud Detection in Internal Audit

FR-102  Fraud Awareness and Training for Executives

FR-103  Understanding Fraud, Investigating Internal Fraud and Conducting Investigations

FR-104  Implementing a Fraud Awareness Training Program

FR-105  Conducting Fraud Risk Assessments Successfully

FR-106  Auditing for Accounting Fraud

FR-107  Financial Statement Fraud Analysis and Forensic Accounting

FR-108  Investigating Internal Fraud and Conducting Investigations

FR-109  Forensic Document Examination and Fraud Detection

FR-110  Corporate Fraud and Lessons Learned

Internal Audit

Verracy offers quality, engaging, facilitated learning opportunities for internal audit from fundamentals to advanced cutting-edge techniques.

IA-101  Getting to the Root of the Matter: Root Cause Analysis

IA-102  Embedding Critical Thinking in the Internal Audit Process

IA-103  Project Management Skills for Internal Auditors

IA-104  Developing Results Driven Audit Work Programs

IA-105  Effective Risk-Based Audit Planning and Executions

IA-106  Engagement Fraud Risk Assessments for Audit

IA-107  Auditor-in-Charge Skills Development

IA-108  Effective Identification and Testing of Internal Controls

IA-109  Best Practices in Internal Audit Today

IA-110  Advanced Auditing Methods and Techniques for 2020

Compliance and Ethics

CE-101  Creating an Effective Audit Committee

CE-102  Ethical Business Decision Making

CE-103  Ethics and Compliance Essentials for Global Companies

CE-104  Understanding Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Penalties

CE-105  Navigating FCPA and UK Bribery Act Compliance

CE-106  Building a Comprehensive Global Ethics and Compliance Program

CE-107  Fighting Corruption in a Global Marketplace

CE-108  Successfully Implementing and Managing Enterprise Risk Management Programs